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I left my LA city life for a beachfront town but I am imprinted with the urban experience. It’s urgency, the crush of people and cacophony of voices, traffic, machinery, and music are invasive but also dynamic and motivating. I bring this energy to my paintings. 

My enthusiastic, sometimes agitated, state of consciousness is countered by my insistence on bringing an equilibrium to my work. I want to infuse, my paintings with the calm I experience on my walks along the shore of the sparkling Pacific Ocean with its rhythms and sounds .


In each painting there is a tension that wrestles with this binary consciousness. Each piece reveals a new equation composed of varying proportions of elements derived from my  dual mandate.

One is made of explicitly drawn shapes, the other, washes of atmospheric color which, at times, overlay the forms.


 My palette is often neutral tones set off by sparks of bright color. I paint with acrylics, oils, inks, charcoal, and spray paint, using brushes, pencils, and palette knives on canvas. I paint intuitively. I don’t want to know exactly where I’ll land, but I know when I get there, and my hope is that my work will also compel the viewer to imagine a journey .

Clients Include:

Tony and Donna Scott . Steven Spielberg . Kate Capshaw

Arnold Schwarzenegger . Bobby Shriver . Tom Hanks
Prince . Frank Pennino . Steve Martin
Ron Burkel . Mariko Tanaka


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